It’s all ‘ME, ME, ME’


Rani Dabrai


Don’t be fooled by that sleek headshot depicting a calm exterior. Behind that lipstick and studio-grade foundation, I’m a whirling dervish of ideas, concepts and sales love triangles.

Apparently, I hold the trendy definition of a serial Entrepreneur. In plainspeak what that really means is that I have a pathological fear of a boss and regular wage. So really, I am Unemployable. I’ve spent the last twenty years in business of some sort and I am obsessed with Entrepreneurship. I’ve got several businesses and over 20,000 hours working behind the scenes with over 800 business owners from all round the world through my company Moneypenny. I’ve seen every business problem you can imagine and I’ve helped to wipe many a tearful CEO face.

When I was six I sold my newborn baby brother for one pound to the milkman and I’ve been working on my selling skills ever since. (A refund was requested).  Having discovered at such a young age my love of selling, pitching and winning, my lifelong love affair with business was born, and now it’s all I do.  Sometimes, I sit and gaze into the distance to dream about shoes, Pringles and Mark Whalberg but that’s a rarity. Mostly I’m thinking about the next big thing and how to be a part of it.

I’ve set up Pitchcraft in 2017 in response to the increasing number of past and present clients who come to me looking for answers to the central question which occupies the mind of an Entrepreneur:


How can I get more sales? 

Answer: Pitch better, sell better, grow better.

Answer: Work with someone who’s done it many times over, don’t wait to make your own mistakes.

If you like to make money, then let’s work together*



*Bring Pringles.

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