There are restaurants that people line up for. There are products that you must pre-order months in advance. There are tickets that sell out on the day they are released. There are stocks that go roaring up in value right after they float. There are cars that were bought before they were built, properties that sell off the plan when they are nothing more than a set of drawings.

There are consultants who are booked six months in advance and hair stylists who charge ten times more than others. There’s furniture you have to pre-order and bottles of wine that are purchased while their grapes are still hanging on the vine.

There are people who don’t chase clients. Clients chase them. 

In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? Why do people line up, pay more, and book so far in advance when other options are easily available?

Why are these people and products in such high demand?




Learn how to get OVERSUBSCRIBED in 2018!

On the 13th and 14th March 2018, globally successful Entrepreneur Daniel Priestley is running his world famous workshop for the first time in Ireland, at the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare, County Limerick.

This two day workshop, based on the best-selling book ‘Oversubscribed’ will show you how to transform your business into an enterprise which is consistently overbooked.

The CDE Process completely (and I do mean completely) reframes what’s possible in your enterprise.

And there’s no-one better to teach you about sustaining growth in your company than Daniel Priestley.

This is two days engaging with a Master.

Paul Dunn

The CDE Programme is sensational! Daniel shares his amazing blueprint for driving campaigns. It’s best to bring a colleague so you can plan your strategy in the moment and hit the ground running. Daniel’s style is relaxed and fun, but he lets you get away with nothing! Learn from the master – he walks the talk and is an expert in leading campaigns to being oversubscribed.

Ali Stewart

After the CDE Workshop I have seen in service requests and most importantly I feel at peace knowing that the year’s worth of business can be taken care of through 3 campaigns. This two-day CDE Workshop blew my mind. There’s no BS theory, just practical stuff which gets you results immediately. We got oversubscribed on two campaigns within three weeks of completing the workshop.


What's the problem?

Most businesses are set up to win and service clients one at a time. It’s unsustainable and causes people to grow bored or to burn out. This doesn’t work for the business owners (who exhaust themselves fast and can’t scale) and it doesn’t work for the clients (who don’t get the energy they deserve). It’s incredibly difficult to create the sales velocity required for fast growth without thinking like a “Campaign Driven Enterprise”.

This is the solution

Over two days, Daniel Priestley will take you through developing a 12-month tactical campaign plan based around running a campaign every quarter. This strategy will allow you to create sustained periods of high demand for your products and services on top of your daily activity. You’ll also end up spending far less time in 1-on-1 sales meetings as you’ll be generating several clients all at once, freeing up more of your time to deliver remarkable value to your market.

Learn how to become Oversubscribed

Running a campaign can create an immediate market buzz around your product or service whether it’s already been launched or not. The campaign process is split into a 5-step method which can be applied to any business.



You must know your capacity and who it’s for, that is, know the point where you’ll actually be oversubscribed and who will see the
most value in that capacity. This is vital.


Build Up

Explain your process and your terms in advance so that the market can prepare itself. Tell people what’s going to happen before it happens. Don’t ask for the sale, ask for the signal.

Get Sold Out

You become oversubscribed when more people want your product than you can deliver it to. The purpose of being oversubscribed is so you can be selective with whom you’ll work with or sell your product to.

Delivery & Follow Up

People talk. Today a dissatisfied customer will tell a thousand friends on Facebook and several hundred Twitter followers, and their negative review of your business could haunt you for years.

Celebrate & Innovate

Tell your stories, share the numbers, issue reports, capture the magic moments and spread the word about your campaign’s achievements. Learn the lessons, make changes and refine the process before repeating it.

Workshop Outline – What’s covered


The 10 principles that Oversubscribed businesses live by


How to find your ideal client


Create a complete product ecosystem


Structure and develop a 12-month sales campaign timeline


Building sales assets you can leverage


Create a high performance environment


How to create your own market and eliminate competition


Working out your remarkable capacity


Understand and develop important sales collateral


Develop a high-performing team


Daniel is the co-founder of Dent, a global business designed to create a world full of entrepreneurial people who solve meaningful problems.

A successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK.

With a passion for global small business, Daniel is the author of the three best-selling books “Key Person of Influence”, “Entrepreneur Revolution”,“Oversubscribed” and the newly released “24Assets”.

With over 3000 entrepreneurs having graduated his accelerators over the last 7 years, Daniel has rare access to global best practices around what’s working and what’s not working in business.

This Campaign Driven Enterprise workshop is based on the best-selling book ‘Oversubscribed’. Check out the rave reviews here.



Our Campaign Driven Enterprise Workshop will be hosted by Limerick businesswoman Moira Geary. Moira is an Entrepreneur, speaker and author of the popular book Wake Up and Change Your Life. After building her business from a standing start to over six figures year on year during a global recession Moira is a figurehead in the female Entrepreneur community and has a large global following.

Learn five key points that you need to touch on in your sales conversation.

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