Gaming the Brain

Understanding how the brain works is important to an Entrepreneur because of the kind of thinking styles we need to utilise in order to move our businesses forward. Our brains are weird and wonderful machines. They are made up of several sections, which all work...

Love and Money

I know a man who says he can sell, but he can’t.   His name is Jeff. His job title is, rather grandly, Business Development Director. He wears this title with pride, puffs his chest out and generally does a lot of peacocking. Business Development Director is a...

Love and Robots

I’ve just spent the morning bickering with my friend’s husband over a robot. Seriously, a robot. Me and Him, we always got on well but this robot business has created a rift between us and a bit of a stalemate.   Here’s what happened.   My POV: I happen to be...

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