Tip of the day: Give Freely

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day

It sounds cheesy but the concept of giving before you ask to receive is one of the fundamental basics of selling well. Most people in sales are so focused on their targets that they lose sight of everything else. Get into the mindset of wanting to help others before you seek to gain from them.

As much as this is spiritually lovely, it’s science backed by the Law of Reciprocity. This law states that humans are hardwired to want to help someone who’s helped them first, and usually the degree to which someone will offer you help will exceed the degree to which you helped them – people have a deep rooted psychological desire to repay a favour.

Interesting tip: Waiting staff who leave mints with your bill statistically get bigger tips. To be specific, one mint results in a basic tip. But two mints? Why, that’s got a quadruple effect! However, if a waiter begins to walk away, then turns back specifically for the purpose of giving you another mint – then his tip goes up five times!

So, give first, give freely, give sincerely and you’ll see a dramatic uplift in results.


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