Tip of the day: Share your best ideas

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day, Uncategorized

Clients often ask me about the importance of social media and where it belongs in the sales process.

I tell them – it serves a function – it’s your mouthpiece, not your sales team. Similarly, if someone is searching for you, Google will do that work for you – it won’t sell for you. To be remembered in the mind of your customer, you need to deliver value through amazing products and services, nobody is going to remember you for that really cool tweet.

So in the hierarchy of selling to your market:

  1. Social is where they’ll hear of you
  2. Search is how they’ll find you
  3. Great content is how they’ll remember you.

Share your best ideas with the world, for free, and don’t be shy. Your ideas are your virtual pitch to the world and the vehicle by which you’ll get your potential buyer into your orbit. Ideas are cheap, free even. But what you make of them is where you’ll find profits.

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