Tip of the Day: Happiness Sells!

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day

Did you know that buyers in a positive emotional state are more likely to spend up to three times more than those in a negative one? It sounds obvious but it’s startling the number of salespeople who ignore this basic fact.

Social psychologists Karen O’Quin and Joel Arenoff in their paper ‘Eliciting Compliance’ showed that during negotiation between test participants over the purchase price of art, when the seller ended their final offer with a funny quip “…and I’ll throw in my pet frog’, they resulted in not only higher prices but 18% more concessions to the sale! So in other words, a happy camper will spend more.

The lesson is simple: look at the human in front of you and identify if they’re happy or not. Take the time to care about them, make them feel good and watch your bottom line grow.


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