Tip of the day: How to disrupt a negative frame

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day

As an earlier tip highlighted, a happy shopper will spend more. But what if you sense that your customer isn’t really present, isn’t really happy – in a negative frame of mind?

Ethical selling is the key to long lasting and deep customer relationships. It’s unethical to force a sale upon someone who’s not really interested in buying from you, or to see prospects simply as walking wallets for you to take from. It’s therefore in everyone’s interests to ensure that you’re conversing with a potential buyer in an authentic and real way.  If you’re faced with a negativity frame you’re pushing uphill. So, you need to disrupt this frame.

Here’re three ways:

1. Point it out – with sincerity. Notice their emotional state and let them know you care. Simply saying ‘Hey Marie, I notice that you seem a little distracted. Is now a good time to talk about this or would you rather we wait till you’re feeling ready?’ This isn’t intrusive, it’s considerate. The effect of this simple adjuster will do one of two things. Most likely it will elicit the basic human need to respond with reassurance and refocus their attention on you, or they’ll agree that now isn’t the best time. In either case they’ll know that you’ve been respectful of their personal needs.

2. Change your position. Numerous studies have shown that a physiology directly affects your mental state. See Amy Cuddy’s amazing Ted Talk here. So get up, lean forward, take them for a stroll. Inject some physical movement into the conversation. Something simple like: ‘Could you just stand over here while I show you what I can see’ can work wonders.

3. Find out what makes them happy. Everyone has that thing that makes them smile: family, hobbies, their recent yoga retreat. Find out who your customer really is and talk to them about what they love before you try and make them fall in love with your product. this is easy to do with just a little effort and research. Do this with sincerity though! Not just because you want their cash. Who knows, you might fall in love with something new yourself!

Remember that if you focus on honestly serving others, you’ll naturally skyrocket your success.



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