Tip of the Day: How to introduce your solution

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day, Selling

I recently ran a coaching session with a client who told me that she found it hard to identify the natural point in the conversation where it was appropriate to introduce her solution without being pushy.

This is something I hear often – sales people are afraid of sounding pushy, or feeling like they’re being obnoxious in any way. This is normal, and stems from the fear of rejection. A simple technique that I use to introduce my solution is to refer to the wealth of knowledge I have I have about my customers and their problems based on years of delivering my solution. Here’s what I say:

‘Do you mind if I share with you some of the insights I have, based on working with (whatever it is they do) in the past?’

In my experience, this is a natural and easy way to introduce your own expertise, and showcase your own solution without feeling like you’re being showy and unnatural. In reality, from the other person’s perspective, they wouldn’t be talking to you if they weren’t interested in your service. However that doesn’t change how you feel on the inside while you’re selling! Fear of rejection is natural and normal. Using a line such as this smooths the pathway to the next part of the conversation where you can really shine. When I’ve asked the question in this way, I’ve never been rejected.

Try it and see!


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