Tip of the day: Neutralise Rejection

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day, Selling

When I speak to clients about their sales process, peeling back the layers of resistance to selling only ever leads to one real resulting block – the fear of rejection. In the mind of even the most battle scarred Entrepreneur, being rejected is the kryptonite that nobody really speaks of. Whether this comes in the form of a lost sale, a refund, a pitch that falls flat or even the simple unsubscribe, the act of rejection delivers a swift emotional sting, the reminder of which scuttles into the mind right before making the next sale.

What if you had a method of opening a conversation which put both sides of the party – the vendor and the purchaser – at ease? If you could simultaneously neutralise the emotional power of potential rejection, and lower the defences of your audience – thus turning them into a captive audience – you can open the doors to a more relaxed sale.

In my experience, when I have begun an informal pitch with an expression like ‘I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for’ or ‘I don’t know if this is for you’, I have always been greeted with a more open audience and a longer window of listening.

The reason this works is that it speaks to the Caveman brain directly and the message is sends is: No pressure! When this happens, your message is allowed past the defences because your customer will relax. Secondly, at the exact same time they’re deciding you’re safe to listen to, they’re also curious about what you’re about to say. Their internal dialogue goes something like this: ‘Wait! What? What is this thing that you say isn’t for me? What if it is for me? What if I’ll miss out on something great? Tell me, let me decide! What is it?’

All of this happens at a subconscious level in the brain of your audience, just like the fear of rejection happens at a subconscious level in the brain of you. Tap into the incredible power of the human mind to neutralise fear on both sides of this coin and watch your sales start rising.


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