Tip of the Day: Sharing is Caring!

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Musings, Sell Better: Tip of the day

Welcome to 2018! We’re getting back to our Tips of the Day, helping you sell better so that you can do better.

Today I want to talk about sharing openly with your audience. One of the key ways to ensure your customer will buy from you is to establish trust and understanding in your relationship. You need to be authentically on your customers side – selling them a solution which will genuinely get better results for them. A way to build credibility is to share your knowledge base with them, show them you understand their world.

In the course of your business, you will have learned a lot about what happens in the world of your customer. Additionally you’re sitting on a mountain of knowledge about your industry. The instinctive reaction of most people is to hoard this knowledge, like it’s gold – keep it to themselves. On the surface, this makes sense because of course, it’s valuable! But your information is just that – information. We live in an information economy and ideas are free nowadays. What you get paid for is not your ideas but your value, your execution. Sharing your ideas, therefore, will not incur a loss. Don’t be territorial with your intellectual gold. Share your best stuff, demonstrate the depth and breadth of knowledge, show your customer that you truly understand them. It’s not the case that they will go to the competition with your info – quite the opposite. They’ll stay with you and be entirely loyal because you will have built credibility, authenticity and foundation of remarkable delivery that your competition simply won’t bother to do.




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